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Shah M. Pirzada CEO LABSERV

Shah M. Pirzada

He stepped in this field more than 30 years ago when he started his career serving the researchers and institutions by providing them their desired products. Mr. Shah Muhammad Pirzada is very well respected and reputed person in the diagnostics industry for his honesty,dedication and commitment to work. He started his career with working on Immunology and Transplant diagnostics and now he is considered expert for Immunology and Transplant diagnostics and all the customers working in these areas always look up to him for providing services and products. Its his vision that the company is following and it’s the result of his efforts that LABSERV has gained goodwill in both domestic and international market. Apart from business he is the man of letters and recognized writer and poet. He believes in expanding his profit to society and run welfare trust for facilitating local population to get healthcare support.




Having vast experience in Finance and Administration in various industries such as advertising and print media, Mr. Muhammad Amjad joined LABSERV 8 years ago filling the empty position of Manager Administration and Finance and since then he is serving the company with his unconditional support and dedication. He has shaped up the company in the international outlook by working on loop holes and grey areas concerned with employee motivation and job satisfaction. He has also proved to be successful in making better financial decision which resulted in company’s favor.



Started from a laboratory where he worked as a technologist, there it laid the foundation of his career later on he worked in the companies where he was responsible for application (electrophoresis) and troubleshooting of instruments and now its been 20 years since he is working in this area and to further challenge his expertise and explore a new dimension Mr. Shoaib Khan joined LABSERV 3 years ago taking responsibility as Sales Director for Lahore and related areas and Application Specialist for all products.


Young and enthusiastic Asad Ali joined the company 10 years ago after he acquired his bachelors in Commerce. Since then he is working at LABSERV where he is now responsible for maintaining accounts and handling all the imports.


With clear focus about his future he completed his education with a Bachelor in Biomedical engineering which opened a new door to his professional life. Having worked with some of reputable companies and got trained on some of the best products in the industry, Mr. Osama Javed joined the company 2 years ago and he is the Senior Service Manager where he is responsible for the instruments maintenance.